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At Holland Preconstruction, our detailing services offer a meticulous perspective with clear and accurate drawings to help you troubleshoot potential issues and facilitate construction. We provide you with a full package of services, from drawings to 3D models.

Structural steel detailing

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Drawing on our experience and innovative approach, we will go above and beyond in addressing your needs, whether you are a steel fabrication business, an architectural firm, or a construction company. When it comes to structural steel detailing, we are adaptable and flexible in drawing up plans to help realise your vision. At Holland Preconstruction, we aim to help you view your project with a fresh perspective, giving you unprecedented clarity through our detailing services.

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We bring your structural steel detailing to life through focused drawings and plans arranged with care and attention to detail. Our team views every project as a chance for collaboration, working alongside you at every step of the way to ensure the best possible results.

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