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Outsource to our construction estimators (and Dobby the dog) for steel estimates, steel detailing, and design visuals to streamline construction projects and cut costs.

Matt Holland

Matthew Holland

Founder Matthew Holland launched Holland Preconstruction as a bespoke construction estimator service 2017. Backed by 12 years’ experience as a qualified estimator, he has established a flexible and innovative outsourcing solution for construction projects of all sizes throughout the UK.


April Nguyen

April is our Estimating Manager at Holland Preconstruction with a BA in engineering and design experience with expertise in construction industry standards.

Dobby the Frenchie

Dobby Holland

Head of staff wellbeing and a very good boy, Dobby spends his days curling up under Dad's desk, lazing on the sofa, or chasing balls around the park.

Hieu Dinh Trong

Hieu Dinh Trong

Hieu is our in-house 3D modeller. Combining high-quality visuals and sophisticated design skills, Hieu brings clarity to your projects and gives your bids a greater chance of success.

Loc Cu Bao

Loc Cu Bao

After majoring in shipbuilding, Loc gained experience as an electrical designer and then steel estimator before joining the Holland Preconstruction team as an estimator.

Alex Karn

Alex Karn

Alex is our Business Support Manager and dedicated customer relations manager, handling all your enquiries and coordinating project communications..

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